Hip Hop Dance Classes and Lessons Dubai UAE

Hip Hop Dance Class Lessons Dubai UAE

B-boying is the first and original dance that is associated with hip-hop dancing. More commonly known as break dancing, it seeks its origins from New York City. It became a major element in shaping the hip-hop culture in the United States region.  We provide a wide number of Hip Hop dance classes here at Nora Dance in the UAE.

Urban Hip Hop is a very famous dance style in this region. Due to the popularity of hip hop music and street dance styles among the youth of the region this dance style has found its way into the hip hop culture of Dubai and the other Emirates of the UAE. In the last 30 years hip-hop dancing has seen major changes and has introduced a new school and style of dancing. With more upright dancing as compared to the older style of hip-hop dancing (i.e. break dance) it has become one of the most popular dance styles in the world.

Lyrical Hi Hop is a fluid and more interpretive version of New Style Hip Hop most often danced to down tempo rap music or R&B music. What makes Lyrical Hip hop so special is that your dance movements have to tell a story to the lyrics of a song. Isolated, slow, fluid movements and contemporary inspired turns can all be found in this dance genre. There is body popping, but not hard-hitting kind, which make it an ideal genre for beginners. Dancers are meant to look like they are unwinding, unravelling and floating.

Nora Dance Group holds regular hip hop dancing classes for adults, teenagers and kids in Dubai, bringing this dance style to the doorstep of dance lovers in this region. If you are interested in learning to dance  hip hop in the UAE please contact us for further information or book a class online using our online booking system.  We offer classes and lessons throughout the Emirates including private class options in the comfort of your home.