Salsa Dancing Lessons / Classes Dubai UAE


Salsa is a distillation of many Latin and Afro-Caribbean dances. Salsa music has its origins sometime in the 1950s to 1970s, with the truly distinct salsa style coming out of New York in the 1970s.  The music fuses a number of Cuban styles and number of other Latin American musical styles.

We provide private lessons / classes available for individuals, couples, and small groups, with your choice of a male or female instructor. The absolute fastest way to improve your salsa! We also provide scheduled salsa classes taking place around the United Arab Emirates ( UAE) including Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Salsa dancing is danced to on eight-beat musical harmony, with dancers moving on three beats, pausing for one beat, dancing for three beats, and pausing for one beat.

The movement style is left-right-left-pause, then right-left-right-pause. During the pause in most salsa dancing some sort of flourish is utilized, be it a stomp of the foot, casting out the hand or kicking the lower leg.  Salsa dancing is mostly a stationary dance, with little movement around the dance floor.  Instead, dancers rely on the subtle movement of their legs and upper bodies to convey the energy of the dance.

If you are interested in learning to salsa dance in the UAE, or even if you just want to come back to some lessons please contact us for further information or book a class online using our online booking system.  We offer classes and lessons throughout the Emirates including private class options in the comfort of your home.