Judo Classes and Lessons Dubai UAE


Judo is a fighting art, focused on self-defense and is an ideal choice for a self-defense class in Dubai. Judo can also be a fierce and energetic martial art, it certainly provides a good well-rounded workout that will help you improve your balance, loose weight and tone up your body. Judo is much more than a workout of course, in its purest form Judo is an art form, an active and exhilarating sport, as well as an effective means of self-defense. It is a way of developing self-confidence, concentration and leadership skills.

Judo also develops physical coordination, power and flexibility. Judo requires skill and techniques and it will also help you in developing timing and analytical skills, which makes Judo the perfect activity to balance both the body and mind in one session. Nora Dance Group offer Judo classes for both children and adults, and accommodate every skill level from beginner to advanced.

If you are interested in taking a Judo class please contact us for further information or book a class online using our online booking system.  We offer classes and lessons throughout the Emirates and private class options.