Ballet Dancing Classes and Lessons Dubai UAE


Ballet is a unique, influential dance form dating back as early as the 16th century, where it was originally formed in France. Since then, it has become a highly technical and specific form of dance that has had a significant influence on modern Dance.

Ballet is a graceful form of dance and helps greatly with posture; we teach postural alignment exercises as part of our class that will greatly improve your posture.  It also helps to tone and sculpt your body and firm muscles without developing bulk muscle, which promotes long and lean muscles.  When you take ballet classes with us you will learn a series of simple exercises called the barre that will help you develop poise and grace in your movements.

Ballet is also a great way to reduce your stress levels, so if you are suffering from Dubai burn out and want to get back into your ballet shoes.  Of course the other benefit is the release of creative expression and the therapeutic benefit for both your mind and body.

There are a multitude of ballet benefits you can enjoy by participating in ballet classes. If you’re no longer a child, there are a variety of classes being offered for adults that are designed specifically for the more mature participant. Why not see if these classes are being offered in your area so you can experience the phenomenal benefits of ballet?

If you are interested in learning ballet in the UAE please contact us for further information or book a class online using our online booking system.  We offer classes and lessons throughout the Emirates including private class options in the comfort of your home.