African Dance (Soukous) Lessons Dubai UAE


Dubai is a country where the clubbing lifestyle has a prominent role in our lives and if you want to improve your performance on the clubs dance floor then a lesson with us can do wonders almost instantly.  African dance veers pretty close to the fitness class, but with more fun and more focus on dance movement.

The African Dance style is called soukous and African rumba, although essentially an exhausting cavalcade of stomach shaking and bottock-waggling in time to the music it’s a great work out and ideal for improving your tone as well as your moves.

Nora Dance Group now provides the opportunity for adults and teens alike to learn this modern and fairly this dance form.  For more information on how African dance classes can help you physically and mentally please contact us for further information or book a class online using our online booking system.  We offer classes and lessons throughout the Emirates and private class options.