Nora Dance Instructor in Dubai


The Owner of Nora Dance Group Dubai

From Grenoble, France

Belly dancer, Professional Dancer Performer – Choreographer

Nora is a native of France and she is a professional dancer, performer, choreographer, and dancer instructor. She is the Owner & General Manager of Nora Dance Group the leading perfoming arts school & dance school in Dubai. She started out as a young 6 year old taking upRhythmic Dance before eventually taking interest in Oriental Dance at the age of 19.

She trained under several Master Egyptian teachers in France and Egypt for 15 years before moving in Dubai to follow her passion by teaching and choreographing professionally.

Nora has performed as professional dance performer in different palaces, venues and shows all over the Middle East and in Europe and she is also holds a specialised instructors certificate as a bridal coach providing wedding preparation dances in the UAE.
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