The Middle East Flash Mob History


Dancing in the Middle East is as ingrained in the Arabic culture as the desert sands itself, with a wide variety of styles and genres it is easy to understand why Flash mob events from Nora Dance Group have generated so much interest and will to participate across the region.

The first recorded flash mobs were actually created in New York by Bill Wasik who was at the time working as a senior editor for Harpers magazine but didn’t go too well for Bill after the retail store owner was tipped off.  However Bill got his first successful gig when more than 100 people met up on the 9th floor of a department store, when sales assistants approached the dancers were told to say that they were shopping as a group for a Love rug and needed everyone present before they could make a decision, minutes later 200 people subsequently flooded the lobby of the Hyatt hotel in synchronized applause.  The Flash mob was born.

Flash mobs in the Middle East became famous after events (many of them organised using our dancers) started to spring up in airports and shopping malls to entertain the crowds and promote public awareness for good causes, products and new launches or even dare it be said just to have fun.  Here are just some examples of memorable flash mobs organised in the Middle East, not all of them by us we should state!

Some of the most successful flash mobs have been at airports, this clip is from the Beirut Duty Free flash mob that broke out when nobody was expecting it.  Scroll down for more clips

In a more traditional way this flash mob was arranged by Emirates NBD to support national day and the spirit of the union which just goes to show that the bredth of creativity and the style of dance that can be used is really unlimited.

And of course we should mention the Dubai Airports Flash mob which itself generated some 2.5 million views on You Tube alone not to mention various international coverage on TV media.

Finally awareness is also a good reason to hold a Flash mob.  With over 400 dancers assembled in Dubai’s Mall of the Emirates around the Diabetes Village, for an impromptu flash mob, one of the largest the GCC had witnessed. Most of the dancers were volunteers and they wanted to focus the region’s attention on the growing threat of diabetes in this part of the world. Loud and clear!  This one was us of course!

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