The Dubai Flash Mob Company

A Nora Dance flash mob is a spontaneous public performance based on various different types of dance style or other public performance in the Middle East.  Crowds are unaware as our Flash mob appears seemingly out of nowhere with just one person, grows to hundreds of people, and then quickly disappears.  We are the company behind some of the largest flash mobs in the Middle East, you may well have seen us holding flash mobs in Dubai, or Abu Dhabi or you may have seen our You Tube channel that has made us famous world wide. The people who participate in our flash mobs feel like they have taken part in something special and for our customers they get real time, live performance and brand engagement that generates serious word of mouth buzz and a whole bunch of viral marketing benefits.  Want to learn more?


Dubai Flash Mob Company



When you are looking for a flash mob company in the Middle East it is important to deal with a company with a good reputation and that can offer a wide variety of dance styles as well as back up the performance with excellent group choreography.  That is what we do!

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These days flash mobs are a sure way of creating awesome brand buzz and massive amounts of physical brand engagement.  Not only do Flash mobs guarantee an instant amount of physical chatter at your event, they are also large generators of viral communication.

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Dancing in the Middle East is as ingrained in the Arabic culture as the desert sands itself, with a wide variety of styles and genres it is easy to understand why Flash mob events from Nora Dance Group have generated so much interest and will to participate across the region

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Of course when you arrange a Flash mob you want to be assured that the sound of the music will be right, that any lighting requirements are co-ordinated with your filming crew and that your dancers are perfectly choreographed and briefed for all possible scenarios

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