A Promotional Dance Event for Occitane Dubai

GAZOOKS – We had better get posting! This website is already over 24 hours old and we dont have any blog entries yet! Not to worry here is the first.  I wanted to let you know about a small corporate event that we delivered for our friends Occitane in Dubai Mall.  We often provide small event promotions like this with just two or three dancers, they are a great way to announce your product in a subtle and classy way!

In case you haven’t heard of Occitane Dubai here is the story – Inspired by his childhood in Provence, the 23-year-old Olivier Baussan decided to recreate the traditions of his region. After purchasing a steam distiller, a relic from the past, Olivier harvested wild rosemary and produced pure Rosemary essential oil. He sold this essential oil at local markets, this all-natural product was quickly embraced by villagers and L’OCCITANE was born – these days you will find them also in the Dubai Mall! So if you want to use natural ingredients and be kind to your body I would suggest you check it out!

Bollywood Dance Class In Dubai

Holly Moley! I can tell you it is not as easy as it looks! Take a look at the video of this Indian Bollywood dancing class in Dubai in 2012.  If you dont know already this is just one of the many dance styles we offer in our portfolio of dance lessons in the UAE – If you would like to give it a go why not contact us today or even book a class online!



Concur Consultants Concurme.com

Concur Consultants  Concurme.comConcur Consultants is not related to dancing but certainly a good contact to have if you are based in the UAE and looking for a job, our friends at Concur Consultants have offered us a recipricol blog post on thier website for a post on ours so here goes!

Concur provide Engineering Jobs in the oil and gas sector here in Dubai so if you are looking for a job then they are certainly worth contacting.  You can find them at the following website http://www.concurme.com– Alan is a friend of mine and he is one mean dancer!

Belly Dance Class in Abu Dhabi

Want to Belly Dance in Abu Dhabi? Want to tone up those hips and thighs whilst at the same time learning the seductive skills of the traditional Egyption Belly Dance?

We can help you! Nora Dance group the leading performance arts school in Dubai has a world rated belly dance teacher available on staff to teach you belly dancing in Abu Dhabi.

Simply come along to one of our lessons or arrange a private lesson that you can be delivered in the comfort of your own home with a female instructor to help you lean the art.

Why not bring some friends to your private lesson? All of our Belly Dancing lessons are conducted by female instructors and no men will be present which makes it an ideal afternoon work out and fun afternoon with your friends actually learning a new skill whilst having a great time.

If you are interested in attending a class or if you simply want private belly dancing lessons in your own home then we are here to help you!

Contact us for more information or why not pre-book our discounted pack of ten private belly-dancing lessons by booking online.  As soon as you book our dancing teacher will call you to arrange the best time and lesson plan for your instruction! Within a few lessons you will be learning the seductive art and will be able to move gracefully to the rhythm of the music, you will also notice a reduction of fat around the top of your thighs and will start to tone your body.  All lessons are provided in Abu Dhabi and are delivered independent of your skill level and by a qualified female instructor that will work with you so you get the most out of your lesson.

Book online and receive a discount on 10 private belly dancing lessons or simply contact us for a private consultation.